Wednesday, August 1, 2012


MIRIAM JIMENEZ – Road to Miss International Queen 2012
by: Lorenz Denise Gecain

Miriam Jimenez is one of the premiere socialite Transpinays and Beauty Queens in the Philippines today. Her “unique” appearance mesmerizes and catches the eye of all those around her. And although Miriam has been through many ups, downs, twists and turns in her life, those moments have made her what she is now.

Miriam was born as Bryan Arconado Jimenez on May 6, 1988 at Barbar, San Juan, Ilocos Sur. She grew up in her province where her family had a small farm. She had a simple and ordinary life like everybody has. Sadly, her parents were separated. Her father now lives in Tarlac and her mother has been working in Hong Kong since she was in College. Since then, she has been based in Manila. Miriam is also the eldest of three children. At present, her brother Noel is a university student and her sister Abigail as a Sales Rep. The three live together in Manila.
In college, Miriam studied at Jose Rizal University, in Mandaluyong. However, she wasn’t able to finish because of financial constraints and she started working to support herself and her two siblings.

Upon leaving college, Miriam worked with celebrity Dawn Zulueta for more than a year as one of the household staffs. Due to her persistent need to reach her life dreams, she continued to work harder. She became a member of a certain Beauty Salon for 2 years. Eventually, she worked in Mixed Nuts, one of the TS Bars in Manila as one of the receptionist officers. It was there where she started making TS friends. Through the blood and sweat of her work determination, she was now able to support the needs of her family. At present, she’s doing modeling work and supporting the Futurus Betera Marketing Corporation Group (FBMC), headed by Madam Markie Binsol.

“I would definitely say that I was born a Transgender because I can still remember when I was a kid, I wanted to have what girls have. I played with my mom’s make up and put it on my face. My mom used to let me dress like a girl and when I went to grade school, I used to play and hangout with my girl classmates.”

When we asked Miriam if she has joined any beauty pageants, she answered; “To date, I have only entered two pageants. In 2010, I joined the Amazing Philippine Beauties. It is one of the most prestigious pageants in the country in which all the candidates must undergo two screenings before they are selected as official candidates. I was fortunate that I made it as a finalist on my first attempt, the on stage experience was nerve racking but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I lost in the said competition but this doesn’t mean that I had to stop competing in any future pageants, since the experience was so special. Win or lose, it’s the healthy and fair competition that matters.

Filipinos will give a rousing send-off to the country’s Miss International Queen bet Bb. Gay Pilipinas Universe 2011 – Miriam Jimenez and expressed confidence she would bring home the crown.
Miss International Queen 2012 is going to kick off in a few months time. Contestants around the world are flocking to Thailand for one of the most prestigious “gay beauty pageants” on the planet.

The Bb. Gay Pilipinas Universe titleholder is leaving Saturday, October 27 to participate in all Miss International Queen Activities required by Miss International Queen Contest and the Promoter.
The 24-year-old Jimenez assured Filipinos she would not fail them.

To Everyone,

“My advice to all of you is, don’t stop believing in yourself. Believe that you can face and fight off whatever challenges that you may encounter. Be strong and be brave. Believe in God because He will help you to achieve you goals. Aim high! Soar high!”
                  -Miriam Jimenez, 24, PHILIPPINES!